Making Memories

Upon introducing the new internship class of 2012, our President David Samson said, “This  internship is not strictly about baseball. This is a business…the business of making memories.” That one statement, not only left a valuable impression on how I perceive my everyday job but my viewpoint on all major league sports. In the entertainment industry, making memories is at the very core of every task carried out. It is the foundation of the Miami Marlins and now my very own mantra. Below is a picture of  All Star Player Andre Dawson with the future baseball players of America who were celebrating a tenth birthday they’ll never forget. This is one of my favorite pictures and captures the essence of  “memory making.”


The Marlins are lucky to have an intern like you.I have worked as a volunteer for the Marlins for over 10 years and I have seen many interns come and go.You Selena are one of the best!.From the time I first met you you have been so helpful.I hope Alfie and Joanne know what a gem they have in you.The future looks good for you.

Thank you for your kind words Sandy! It truly means a lot to me. I hope to continue growing and learning in this industry. All of YOUR hard work and dedication to the community is greatly appreciated. The Marlins Foundation is incredibly happy to have you as part of our volunteer family! If you ever need anything you can always contact me. I’ll see you soon🙂

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