I Mustache You To Read This…

Movember has come and gone, and so too have our staches. For some of our colleagues the day could not have come soon enough; there were those who were grossed out by our classic facial hair and could not wait for the day when we would no longer be rocking our power staches. We lost some men along the way, but many pulled through, resisting the urge to reach for the razor. In the end it was all for a great cause and we were able to bring awareness to men’s health and raise money for prostate cancer research and all it took was a mustache… well, like 20 mustaches. I actually grew rather fond of my mustache and was sad to see it go, and while all good things must come to an end…so too must my mustache (say that three times fast). As a special thanks for all who supported the Marlins Ayudan Movember initiative, here is a gallery of the final staches.

I mustache you to please visit http://us.movember.com if you are interested in getting involved and maybe even participating next Movember.

Helpful tips from Ron Swanson: http://us.movember.com/news/view/id/3485/category/local/

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