Spreading Holiday Cheer

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Partnering with the Neighbors4Neighbors Adopt-A-Family program, I was given the opportunity do my best Santa impersonation and deliver gifts to 12 families over the course of two days. This was all made possible through the generosity of the Marlins front office and staff (“Marlins Ayudan”), 33 in total. The gifts were donated by everyone from team President David Samson all the way down to a member of our intern class, a contributing blogger, Selena. In addition to the individual contributions, Marlins Ayudan team “Restore Miami” came through by purchasing bunk beds, a laptop and more.

For one young man, the gift of an electronic drum set brought his mother to tears, while she let us know how badly she had wanted to buy a drum set for her autistic son, whose only real outlet seems to be music. In the case of another family who had been sharing one bed and a futon among six people, we were able to provide a bunk bed for the kids to sleep in on the night before Christmas. There was also the teenage mother who is living at home with her younger siblings who was gifted a new stroller and months’ worth of diapers.

I could go on for hours recounting the stories and reactions of these families who were overcome with emotion because of the holiday spirit demonstrated by those who realize the power of giving and the true meaning of the season.

It truly is better to give than to receive… Remember that, and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.


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