Compression for Life

MM_CompressionOn August 20, 2012, while warming up for a road game in Arizona, Marlins Bullpen Catcher, Jeff Urgelles, heard a distress call of a young lady who had collapsed from cardiac arrest. Jeff and MLB Umpire, Jim Joyce, ran to her aid. They began to facilitate CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), as they waited for an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and the paramedics. While they waited for paramedics to arrive, they were able to sustain CPR and deliver much needed shocks from an AED. Once the young lady was transported to the hospital, doctors were able to regain a stable heartbeat.

The young lady’s name is Jayne Powers, an Arizona Diamondbacks game day employee. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of everyone that day, she wouldn’t be alive today to share her story. When Jeff returned home, the Marlins honored him with a $5,000 contribution to start a CPR class for the kids of a local Boys & Girls Club. With the support of the Marlins Foundation, Jeff wanted to help spread awareness of the importance of CPR so more individuals can survive to share their stories.

The Marlins Foundation has partnered with the local American Heart Association to start the Compression for Life Program, a program geared towards teaching heart health and providing CPR and first aid training to the youth at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami Dade. Yesterday was the first day of the program. Over 80 kids joined Jeff, and his special guests, to learn about maintaining a healthy heart through exercise and eating right.

Billy The Marlins

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