Isn’t it interesting how whirlwind relationships or experiences can live on to be some of your most meaningful memories of all time?

 You have to know what I’m talking about!… Maybe it’s that girl you met on your 5-day cruise 10 years ago, that whenever you really have a great day or see a beautiful sunset you think of her…or maybe it’s your first grade reading buddy who you really only had three reading sessions with, but every time you finish an awesome book or get a piece of good advice you remember them and how things used to be with them.

 We have all experienced moments like these. Moments in which the energy of people we’ve met will never be forgotten. Often you find yourself asking, why? Why was I so affected by that person? But in the end, aren’t we all really just happy to experience the “butterflies” that come along with it – that scary, but amazing reminder that we’re alive?

 One pair of fans in particular had that butterfly effect on us during the 2013 season – Donna Glendenning and Eloise Card. We met these special ladies through an article in the Miami Herald.  The mother-daughter pair who were 91 and 66 years old watched EVERY MARLINS GAME together over the phone! They would connect from Dade to Broward and sometimes Monroe to Broward for periods of 3-5 hours just to support their Marlins…we knew there was something special about these two ladies.

 Thanks to the Herald article the Marlins Community Outreach department decided to invite our lady fans out for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Marlins Park! We had all hoped that this would be a day that the women would never forget. Somehow it turned into a day that we would never forget either.  Our new friends were so enthusiastic, excited about life, positive, and sharing their joy. It’s true that positivity is contagious and these ladies infected everyone around them. They were eternally thankful for the opportunity to simply come to a game. But the evening brought more than that. When Donna and Eloise met Jose Fernandez in his own dugout you may have thought the world slowed on its axis just so the sun could continue to shine on Miami for a second longer.  The picture below, though one of dozens of Marlins meet and greets, was the highlight of many of our seasons, Donna expressing her elation with her smile from the bench, and Eloise with her embrace.
Donna, Eloise, and Jose

 It is with a heavy heart that I report that this recap of our amazing evening with Donna and Eloise is not just a space-filler. It’s a tribute, as Donna passed away last month. Though I can’t speak for her dear and lifelong friends and family, I can certainly speak for the Marlins family when I say that anytime our phone rings just before a Marlins game, anytime we see Jose excited in the dugout, and even anytime we read a Miami Herald article we get the butterflies. Thanks to Donna and her mother Eloise and their positivity and love that they shared with us, we have simple reminders that we’re alive.

 If you’d like to follow Donna’s journey with the Marlins please check out the Miami Herald articles below:

The Marlins Meet Donna and Eloise:http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/22/3579607/mom-91-and-daughter-66-watch-every.html 

Recap of Donna and Eloise’s Marlins Experience:http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2013/09/marlins-roll-out-red-carpet-for-two-diehard-fans.html

Donna’s Obituary:http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/herald/obituary.aspx?n=donna-glendenning&pid=169001483&fhid=11293

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