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Marlins Ayudan Day of Service and Philanthropy Recap

Thursday, November 19th was South Florida’s biggest annual giving event: Give Miami Day, a 24-hour philanthropic give-a-thon that supports local nonprofit organizations. It was also the 6th annual Marlins Ayudan Day of Service and Philanthropy.

1 2Figure 1: Give Miami Day headquarters located in the Press Conference Room at Marlins Park

This is no coincidence. For the past 2 years, Marlins Park has been Miami Foundation’s Give Miami Day headquarters. On this special day of giving, Marlins Ayudan partners with nine different organizations, all of which are Give Miami Day non-profits. The idea is to leverage this partnership to raise more awareness and funds for selected organizations while performing impactful service projects in the community for all to enjoy.



Figure 2: Marlins Ayudan Blue Shirts supporting Give Miami Day

This is how the Marlins Ayudan Day of Service and Philanthropy works: each of the nine partner organizations represents a team or service squad. Each squad is named in honor of one of Jackie Robinson’s Nine Values. These values helped guide Jackie as he overcame a multitude of obstacles on his journey to breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball.



Figure 3: Marlins Ayudan Blue Shirts display Jackie Robinson’s Nine Values: Commitment, Determination, Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, Persistence, Citizenship, Justice, and Courage

Marlins Ayudan Blue Shirts select which organization they’d like to champion. Once teams are formed, they carry out two missions: (1) to work closely with their partner organization to design and implement a philanthropic plan to execute on Give Miami Day, and (2) to participate in a service project with partner organization led by a HandsOn Miami project leader.



Figure 4: Marlins Ayudan leadership presenting Darrill Gaschler of HandsOn Miami, the official 2015-2016 service partner of Marlins Ayudan, with a $10,000 donation



Figure 5: Team Teamwork executing their philanthropic plan

The nine benefiting non-profit partners this year were HandsOn Miami, Million Trees Miami, Special Olympics of Miami-Dade County, Up2Us Sports, Young At Art Museum, Humane Society of Greater Miami, Miami Rescue Mission, Read to Learn, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.



Figure 6: Team Justice at Miami Rescue Mission


Figure 7: Team Determination at Kensington Park Elementary, a Marlins Ayudan partner school, with Up2Us Sports


Teams carried out various types of service projects throughout Miami-Dade which included: a mural painting at Pepper Park, a meal packing with Miami Meals of Hope at Miami Senior High, invasive plant species removal at Greynolds Park, beautification at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, fun fitness and healthy eating with Special Olympics athletes at the Marian Center, “Play Ball” field day at Kensington Park Elementary, animal socialization at the Humane Society of Greater Miami, meal serving and holiday decorating at Miami Rescue Mission, and book sorting and shelving at the Miami Book Fair.


Figure 8: Team Excellence at Pepper Park, a Marlins RBI partner park, with Young At Art



Figure 9: Team Teamwork at Miami Senior High, a Marlins Ayudan partner school, with “littles” of Big Brothers Big Sisters 



Figure 10: Team Commitment at Greynolds Park with Million Trees Miami



Figure 11: Team Commitment at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens with HandsOn Miami



Figure 12: Team Courage at the Marian Center with Special Olympics of Miami-Dade County



Figure 13: Team Determination at Kensington Park Elementary, a Marlins Ayudan partner school, with Up2Us Sports



Figure 14: Team Integrity at the Humane Society of Greater Miami



Figure 15: Team Justice at Miami Rescue Mission



Figure 16: Team Persistence at Miami Book Fair with Read to Learn


Marlins Ayudan teams contributed to over $133,000 of the $184,148 collectively raised by all partner non-profit organizations. Team Justice raised the most funds for their partner, Miami Rescue Mission, a whopping $92,479! Overall, Give Miami Day collected more than $7.1 million dollars for over 600 local non-profit organizations. That’s what I call impact!

For more action from the Marlins Ayudan Day of Service and Philanthropy, scroll down:






Introducing The 2015 Marlins Charity Partners

The following is a Guest Blog Post from Renee Foster, Intern for the Marlins Foundation:

On April 10th, 2015, the Marlins Foundation introduced the 2015 Marlins Charity Partners. The four organizations selected were each awarded a $25,000 gift and were honored during a pregame ceremony.


The Charity Partner Empowerment Fund allows the Marlins Foundation to invest in innovative organizations that are impacting the South Florida community in a very positive way. In addition to a $25,000 donation from the Marlins Foundation, our charity partners are entitled to other benefits such as:

  • Select Charity Partner Days at Marlins Park that includes media coverage and in-game promotional/fundraising opportunities.
  • A partnership with Marlins Ayudan (Spanish for “help”), our Front Office community service program that responds to a variety of community needs and is now widely known as a corporate leader in volunteerism.
  • Complimentary Ballpark Buddies tickets for local, underprivileged youth groups
  • Access to Billy The Marlin, the Marlins Energy Team and more!

There are four words that describe this year’s beneficiaries of the Marlins
Foundation Charity Partner Empowerment Fund: Big, Special, InclUsive, and Artistic.

The Miami Marlins and the Marlins Foundation are proud to continue their partnership with Young At Art Museum and Special Olympics Florida – Miami-Dade for the second year in row. This year, they are joined by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami and Up2Us Sports.  These non-profit organizations will support the Marlins civic engagement efforts and Corporate Social Responsibility projects in order to make a deep and focused impact on our South Florida youth through education, the arts, and baseball with a special focus on children with special-needs.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami’s mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one mentor relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. BBBS will be launching a pilot Sports Buddies Program, serving middle and high school students in need of a positive role model. On April 24th, the Miami Marlins will honor the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami partnership by hosting their exclusive Charity Partner Day at Marlins Park. It will also be Mardi Gras Night at the ballpark which will add a vibrant flair to a special night for BBBS.

b2b2Special Olympics Florida – Miami-Dade has a mission to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for persons eight years of age and older with Intellectual Disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, talents and friendship with their families, other athletes and the community. For the second consecutive year, the Marlins will serve as the official sponsor of Special Olympics Softball in Miami. The partnership will provide a higher threshold of opportunity for training, competition, personal growth and community engagement for the athletes in the program. The Miami Marlins will celebrate the Special Olympics Charity Partner Day on May 1st, and what better theme than Superheroes Night to complement such a joyous occasion?

b2b3Young At Art Museum is passionate about providing inspiring and interactive experiences in which art is central to shaping young minds and enriching our community. YAA will develop an Artist Residency Program for students and teachers at Marlins Ayudan Partner Schools. The Artist Residency Program will integrate art and literacy through the student’s excitement for baseball. Young At Art’s Charity Partner Day will be hosted at Marlins Park on June 26th while the ballpark will be themed for Nickelodeon Night.

b2b4Up2Us Sports is a national nonprofit organization that is focused on the power of coaches to transform the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable youth, and the communities they live in, through sports. The Marlins will partner with Up2Us Sports to conduct a training program for coaches who will receive a Certification in Sports Based Youth Development (SBYD).  SBYD coaches understand the importance of leveraging the sports setting to achieve positive outcomes around physical, mental, social and emotional skills. The Marlins will salute the organization’s initiatives and accomplishments on July 31st during their Charity Partner Day. It will also be Wrestling Night at the ballpark on that date.

b2b5“Marlins Charity Partners are a signature example of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and reflect our values-driven mission of philanthropy and service,” said Marlins President David Samson. “These impactful organizations do great work in the community, and we are honored to support their efforts in South Florida.” The Charity Partner Empowerment Fund is a signature program of the Marlins Foundation and it has helped the Marlins elevate their corporate social responsibility initiatives to new heights and supported the Marlins Foundation continued mission of philanthropy and service. This year’s partners are sure to help the Marlins reach even further BEYOND THE BALLPARK!




Have A (Healthy) Heart

Students at the Northwest Boys and Girls Club jumped, sprinted and danced their way to good heart health as part of the Compression For Life program implemented by Jeff Urgelles, bullpen catcher for the Miami Marlins. In August 2012, Urgelles was warming up for a road game in Arizona when a game day employee collapsed in cardiac arrest. Having been a firefighter/paramedic for Miami-Dade Ambulance, Urgelles knew how to perform CPR and did so successfully until the paramedics arrived and took over.


Urgelles realized just how important it is to be knowledgeable about CPR. He wanted to teach others how to care for their hearts to avoid scary situations like the one he experienced. Urgelles partnered with the Marlins Foundation and other local agencies to start the Compression for Life Program. The program teaches youth at Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade about heart health and provides CPR and first aid training.


It turns out being heart healthy is a lot more fun and tasty than the kids thought! Students were broken up into three groups. Groups rotated between three stations: exercise, nutrition education, and healthy snacks. They had a great time, especially in the snacking station! Marlins Ayudan provided low-fat yougurt, fruit strips, and hummus with carrots for snacks. The kids surprisingly devoured the hummus!


All in all, it was a successful kickoff. There will be two more events before the program concludes in mid-February during Marlins Ayudan week.


When There’s So Much More To Talk About

Today was…

Today was an amazing….

Today was a special day at Marlins Park -and that’s putting it lightly. The moments that made up today impacted everyone involved.

Today was so great because Marlins Foundation Charity Partner, Special Olympics of Florida, brought its skills clinic to Marlins Park. Athletes of all ages – eight to adult – showcased their skills on the field at Marlins Park. That’s right – they showcased their skills. As Marlins Ayudan volunteers that spent the morning working with the athletes, we were told early on that today we would learn a lot more about the athletes’ abilities than their disabilities. That’s exactly what happened.


The standout moment of the day for me began when I went over to speak to some 4th graders from Kensington Park Elementary. They were all so eager to talk to me about Marlins Park, about their day, about their favorite sports, and so on, and so forth. One boy in particular, Joshua, had a lot of questions about Marlins Park. I spoke with him for a long time until it was time to start the skills assessment. I told him I’d see him when see got to my station.


A few hours later when I finally welcomed Kensington Park Elementary to the [Major League!] dugout to get ready for base running, Joshua immediately stated with fire,

“Coach! I’ve been looking for you all day! I have so much more to talk to you about”.

His statement blew me away. First of all, I was honored. I felt like after knowing him for a mere half hour that I was one of his role models, like a mentor or older sibling, whose time was all that mattered to him. Second of all, he really did have so much more to ask about his surroundings. Joshua was in a never-ending pursuit of knowledge.

In addition to Joshua’s blossoming curiosity a few of the inspiring abilities I noticed in the athletes today were:

Chivalry amongst peers,

Confident handshakes,

Rockin dance moves,

Knack for following directions,

Tolerance for others’ beliefs…
Oh, and of course:



Fielding, and


Coming to work this morning I’m not sure the Marlins front office knew what to expect for a day working with Special Olympics athletes, but the early advice we received most definitely proved true – We would learn more about their abilities than their disabilities.


ICYMI – The Month of Awesome

Wondering where Beyond the Ballpark bloggers have been? Wondering what ICYMI stands for? So many questions, so many answers in this blog entry!

Your beloved bloggers have not forgotten you, in fact we were thinking of you and your reading interests when we set out to have the best month ever, hereby referred to as The Month of Awesome.

So, Beyond the Ballpark blog fans, In case you missed it (ICYMI), here are ten things that made June at Marlins Park The Month of Awesome!

 Citrus Cup Softball Classic (June 2nd)


The Marlins Wives took on the Rays Wives in the 4th Citrus Cup Softball Classic. Marlins Wives won 10-9 evening the series at 2-2, and raised over $2,100 for Marlins RBI Softball.

RBI Career Workshop Launch (June 10th)


Marlins RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) is about more than baseball, it’s about character development. This summer we launched a Career Development seminar during which students receive guidance from employees all across the Marlins front office, like President of Baseball Operations, Mike Hill.

Father’s Day (June 15th)


The Miami Marlins and Major League Baseball celebrated Father’s Day by raising awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer with the goal to “Keep Dad in The Game”. Giancarlo celebrated with a blue arm sleeve for awareness.

Fish N Chips (June 18th)


In its annual Casino Party, Fish N’ Chips, the Marlins Foundation and Event Chair Jarrod Saltalamacchia raised money for Marlins RBI.

Camp Boggy Creek Sendoff (June 19th)


In Partnership with UM’s Alex’s Place, the Marlins served as a departure site for campers headed to the Seriously Fun Camp that any child, despite their illness can enjoy.

Buses For Baseball (June 19th)


Through the MLBPA over 50 kids from Overtown Youth Center and Roberto Clemente Park had a once-in-a-lifetime batting practice experience. They all received baseballs and player autographs.

Our Community Salutes (June 20th)


Local High School graduates were officially sworn into the Marines, Navy, and Army at Marlins Park.

Play Sun Smart (June 20th-22nd)


Major League Baseball and the Miami Marlins teamed up to increase skin cancer awareness. Local Boys and Girls Clubers helped deliver sun screen throughout the ballpark.

RBI Baseball Clinic (June 21st)


Marlins RBI league participants were invited to a day of instruction on the Marlins Park field.

RBI Softball Clinic (June 28th)


Marlins RBI Softball ladies received expert instruction in a big league facility as well.


ICYMI – last month was awesome! Here’s to another awesome month in July.