Compression for Life – Cycle 2

2014 Compression for Life - Cycle 2

2014 Compression for Life – Cycle 2

The Marlins Foundation was honored to assist Marlins Bullpen Catcher Jeff Urgelles in hosting the second cycle of Compression for Life. In 2013, the Marlins Foundation, in partnership with the American Heart Association of South Florida, developed the Compression for Life program. After Jeff helped to save the life of an Arizona Diamondbacks employee while on the road with the Marlins, the Marlins Foundation honored him with a gift to start his own program geared towards teaching the youth at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami Dade the importance of hearth health through diet and exercise.

The second cycle of Compression for Life took place at the Boys & Girls Club of Miami Dade – Kendall Campus. Each day of the three day program had a different focus; heart health through nutrition, CPR / AED (Automated External Defibrillators) training and celebrating heart health. On the first day, fitness instruction was provided by Marlins own Strength and Conditioning Coach Ty Hill. The kids worked up a serious sweat going over the 20 minute exercise routines very similar to the ones that Ty facilitates with the Marlins players. Back inside, Jen Llanos shared tidbits about healthy eating, sprinkled in with a Q&A period where participants received Marlins giveaways for giving the best snack choices to eat.

During the second day of the program Jeff was joined by 911 Educational Consultants to instruct the proper CPR techniques and teach the kids how to use safely use an AED.. The next workroom over, Cardiologist Dr. Sizemore joined the kids to share information about why it’s important to stay healthy, sharing large scale models of a heart while the kids enjoyed healthy snacks. At the end of the day’s lesson all 100 kids walked away with their own CPR kits, courtesy of Amerigroup Foundation, so that they may practice CPR skills at home with their families.

The last day of the program was Graduation Day where all of the kids received a certificate for completing Compression for Life. The highlight of the day was a huge celebration party where the kids were joined by Jeff’s special guests, Billy The Marlin, Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins pitcher Nathan Eovaldi and Marlins President David Samson. Everyone enjoyed an afternoon of games, bounce houses, healthy snacks and dancing as they celebrated the fact that they are now armed with the tools to be heart healthy.

Special thank you to program sponsors: American Heart Association of South Florida, 911 Educational Consultants, Sergio’s Printing

and Exults- South Florida.

A Different Kind of Depth Chart

In Case you missed it, On Cloud Conine put together a fantastic list of the 11 Most Inspirational Moments of #AYUDANWEEK.

To follow up on this list, I’d like to share some of the experiences that touched me personally. If you think our young roster is exciting on the field, just spend a few minutes with them off the field. Here are some of the moments from last week in which I realized the depth of character of the young men that make up the Miami Marlins…

 photo 1

Infielder Derek Dietrich was asked to join students on an Art Education Tour of Marlins Park. A few minute into the tour, he literally beading to LEAD it! Dietrich gave our Elementary friends the inside scoop on each location around the field, dugout, clubhouse, etc. He made sure that they knew that they may never be back in a professional sports clubhouse if they didn’t work hard in school. The impact of his efforts was realized at the end of the tour when one 2nd grader from Citrus Grove Elementary told him, “I do my homework every day. I go to school every day. I want to be a baseball player when I grow up, just like you!”

 Carter Capps

Pitcher Carter Capps joined students from Miami Edison Middle School at the Frost Science Museum. Though he was itching to see the outdoor water wildlife display, he sacrificed his wants to help guide students in the classroom portion of their visit. He helped them learn how different races are similar and different.


Pitcher Jacob Turner motivated his kickball team during a pickup game. He talked his roster of 4th graders up, demanding of them not only that they beat Pitcher Brian Flynn’s team, but that they play by the rules like good sports, and have fun!

Now, if our players’ leadership and humility within the Miami community don’t hook you on these guys, then take a minute to remember, they’re human just like us and everybody likes to have a little fun…


Outfielder Brian Bogusevic taking this game of hoops seriously!

Pitcher AJ Ramos helping out the cheerleaders at Key Largo School!


Former Manager Jack McKeon laughing it up with our own Director of Community Outreach and Beyond the Ballpark author, Angela Smith!

Through these stories you may feel a little closer to your Miami Marlins. Stop by Spring Training in Jupiter or visit us on March 31st at Marlins Park to get to know us even better! See you soon.

Hello From South West Asia!

Man what a difference a day makes! We flew from Kuwait to an undisclosed location in SW Asia.  We landed around 1:30 p.m. and we were greeted at the airport by a young man holding a Miami Marlins sign, wearing a University of South Alabama T-shirt.  The young man’s name is Marcus and he’s from Citronelle.

He drove us to the base we would be staying for the next two nights. Once we cleared entry (we had to exchange passports for security cards) they brought us to our living quarters.  After the experience in Kuwait, I was fully expecting and prepared to rough it again.  Well, I was shocked when they drove me to the General’s suite.  I had to break out my best Gomer Pyle…Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!  It’s a two room suite complete with full living room and furniture, TV, refrigerator, washer and dryer, king size bed, computer, dresser drawers and a stand up closet.  It also has a large bathroom, complete with towels, soap & shampoo.

So after check-in, we met with the Base Commander and had dinner in his private dinning room.  Following dinner, he took us to this large covered pavilion where they had country music playing, 50+ tables and a bar for the troops, which had a 2 drink limit.  (I’ve never counted to one so many times in my life).  He put everything on his tab and we hung out and visited with many of the troops until 12:30 a.m.  Earlier at 10:00 p.m., they sounded Revelry and everyone stood at attention facing the flag.  Had a great night sleep in that huge suite.  Revelry sounded again at 6:00 a.m., I headed to the DFAC (dinning facilities) for coffee.

We met as a group at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast.  Our day started with a tour of the base.  We hit the mechanical shop, electrical shop, and two other support areas.  At each location we had meet and greets where we signed autographs and gave away Marlins hats, back-packs and t-shirts. We then headed over to the flight line.  Here we got to board about five different airplanes.  We saw a Drone, a U2, a cargo plane, an info & recon plane, a re-fueling plane, then we saw the real bad boys.
The F-22 and F-15… all I can say is WOW!!!  We can sleep well at night knowing these planes provide our first line of defense and protection. They showed us how they load the bombs, let us sit in the cock-pit of the F-15… but they made it very clear NO PHOTOS!!! They had an exercise mission so we got to see 10 of the planes take off.

At 12:00 p.m. we went to another dining facility on base called Windy’s.  The food was excellent, they even had chicken wings! From there we went to three more meet and greets.  First stop was the shipping and receiving center, then we went to the civil engineering department and finally the security/weapons center.  I got to try on one of the armor weighted vests (35 lbs.) I cant imagine having that on in 120 degrees of heat walking in the desert, but man do I have new found respect for what our soldiers go through.  We got to hold all different type weapons from machine guns, grenade launcher, hand pistols, etc. I cant remember all of the different numbers that were associated with each weapon, but I can say without a doubt, they will do the job.

After that we got to interact with with the police dogs.  They gave us a full demonstration how the dogs work and attacked would-be predators. They then asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to put on the jacket and be attacked by the dog.  Well guess who raised his hand and volunteered? Heck yeah, Papi put on the suit! So first, I assumed the position and offered my arm for attack. On command, BAM! That dog hit me with a full lunge and grabbed my arm, the pressure of his bite was like slamming your arm in a car door. Then his teeth locked on and I felt the sting, he had broke a blood vessel in my forearm. They pried his jaws off the jacket.  Then after he had retreated, they asked me to run like I was getting away. I replied, “The only running I’m doing is out of the gate!”

What an adrenalin rush!

Tonight, we have an open event at the pavilion, then dinner.  I will be showing off my battle scar complete with bruise and broken skin, until next time, Dan Jennings signing off…

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Visiting Our Troops by Marlins Energy Teamer, Lauren

Over all, the best experience of my life. We traveled all over Southwest Asia during this visit overseas and have met so many brave men and women. It is completely different to stay on a military base and witness their lives on a day to day basis versus hearing about it on the news. The troops showed us so much love and gratitude at every base we traveled to. They sincerely loved having a little piece of the States over to recognize them for all their efforts to keep our country safe on the home front. We often heard, “You make me feel at home.” Just to hear that from a soldier who is away from their family for 6-12 months reassured me that I was giving back to our heroes in the best way I could. I had one woman say to me, “You know, we think that people over there forget about us over here. But having you guys visit will boost the morale of our troops for months to come. We really appreciate you guys.” They continued to thank us time and time again for being there, but really we were the lucky ones being given the opportunity to pay it forward and show our troops that they have not been forgotten back at home.

Not only has this trip been humbling, it was educational for all of us. We learned so much about life on a military base and how important each soldier’s functions are to their tight knit community. I really was clueless about the life of a deployed soldier, but coming out of this experience I have a plethora of knowledge and the utmost respect for our men and woman overseas.

Thank you!


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Visiting Our Troops by Claude Delorme

Today’s Marlins Troops Visit post is written by Miami Marlins Executive Vice President of Operations & Events, Claude Delorme:

On Monday afternoon at 3:00 p.m., Angela and I met with the rest of the traveling party: Dan Jennings, Marlins GM, Cliff Floyd and Charles Johnson, two key members of the Marlins  1997 World Series Champions and Carla and Lauren, two members of the Energy Team.

Our 4:55 p.m. departure to Frankfurt, Germany was on time and we arrived as scheduled at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday. With a six hour time difference, it represented a 9 hour flight. Once at the airport, we found one of the lounges and we had a five and a half-hour layover prior to our flight to Kuwait. Our group struggled the most during this rest period. We finally boarded for Kuwait at 1:35 pm and arrived at 9 pm. We lost another two hours between Frankfurt and Kuwait. By the time we cleared immigration, obtained our visa,  collected our luggage and arrived at the camp, it was midnight. We were all tired and we called it a night so we could be ready for the busiest day of the tour on Wednesday.

When I arrived to my room, I decided to take a shower before going to bed. As I was taking my shower, I realized that I had not seen any towels in the common restroom/shower area. Sure enough, no towels were available. All I had with me was the bottom portion of my pajamas and a shirt. I dried myself with my hands as well as I could and headed to my room for a good night’s sleep. The next day, Dan, Cliff and Charles took their top blanket with them to the showers. We made it a priority that day to visit the general store and purchase towels, soap and shampoo for the remainder of the trip.

On Wednesday at two of the camps, our day started at 10:45 a.m. where we met the Commander and his executive staff for an information session. We also discussed the role of the U.S. during the Gulf War. They presented each of us with certificates at the end of the session and we took photos with the group. It was very informative. Lunch followed on-site with the troops . Lots of choices and the food was good. We then met with the military of Zone 1 at the camp’s Community Center for an autograph and photo session. It also gave us an opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations with the service men and women. It was special experience for all of us. We then met with the military responsible for the Paladin Unit. These are the large tanks that are able to release missiles as far as 18 miles away from their target  with a great deal of precision. A team of seven people are assigned to each Paladin including four members inside the tank. Each missile released will destroy everything within 300 meters of the target area. Once a target is identified to be released, they will fire three missiles to the same target area to ensure that everything in that area is destroyed. The soldiers brought us inside the Paladin and went through the simulation as well as everyone’s role in a real life situation. Charles was asked to open the chamber . It was extremely heavy but he was able to accomplish the task on his second attempt. What a thrill to experience this mission for all of us. Charles, Cliff and the girls were able to take several photos inside and outside the Paladin. We also took a few photos with the entire group. It was the highlight of the day for the Marlins team.

Next, it was time for a softball game with the service men and woman of the camp. We had brought our gloves and held a batting practice for everyone. I pitched and everyone had the opportunity to hit and catch a few softballs. The troops really enjoyed being around Dan, Cliff and Charles. Carla and Lauren also made their way to the plate and were able to hit a few baseballs. Charles and Cliff made their way to the plate on a few occasions and I can tell you that I needed to be alert with their bat speed and power still very much at play. Dan also showed some form and he was able to hit a few pitches a long way. We enjoyed the camaraderie with the service men and women and they were able to play and interact with Cliff and Charles. They will remember that experience forever. One of the guys who participated told me it was his highlight of his five years since joining the army. Nice for us to have this impact.

It was 5:oo p.m. so we went to dinner with the troops. We were escorted to the VIP room for a private dinner with a few captains and sergeants of the military. It was a nice opportunity for us to connect with them and better understand the sacrifices and dedication to their job and country.

We then traveled off-site to meet with  children 3 to 17 years of age playing softball and baseball in Kuwait. Four fields had just been built and the children were waiting for us for a Q & A session with Charles and Cliff, followed with an autograph and photo session with our baseball guys and the girls. Carla and Lauren were very popular with the kids as well. As we arrived, they were all cheering “Go Fish” . Over 200 people were in attendance and they were ready to fire questions to Cliff and Charles. It was a very fitting way to complete our first full day of this extraordinary journey. I was very proud of everyone’s commitment on our team and to see the children’s smile and passion for the game of baseball, it made our visit so rewarding.

It was an incredible day and we were so impressed with how humble and appreciative everyone we all interacted with throughout the day. It will be an unforgettable experience for all of us.

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