A Gift For The River

Yesterday, Marlins Ayudan had the honor of presenting the Miami River Commission with a $2,500 donation. The Miami River Commission acts as the official coordinating clearinghouse for all public policy and projects related to the Miami River. They ensure that river projects are funded and implemented in a proper and timely manner. Their goal is to improve the river area for all to enjoy.


The check was presented by Ryan McCoy, VP of Sales and Service on behalf of team “Just BeCAUSE.” Last December, all Marlins Ayudan teams participated in the Day of Civic Engagement and Philanthropy, a Marlins Ayudan organizational event promoting Corporate Social Responsibility. Teams competed against each other to see who could make the largest impact on the Broward County community. The winning team won a $2,500 donation to a charity of their choice.

007Team “Just BeCAUSE” chose the Miami River Commission as their beneficiary. “Just BeCAUSE” works closely with Miami River Commission throughout the year completing beautification projects. Just last week they painted a mural with artist Serge Toussaint along South River Drive. They are already planning their next project together which will take place later this month during Marlins Ayudan week.

Lending A Hand To The Homeless

The Blue Shirts are at it again! This time they’re in the kitchen at Miami Rescue Mission Center. This center is where the homeless and needy of Miami-Dade can go for meals, safe shelter and motivation to transform their lives for the better. There are two additional centers in Hollywood and Pompano.

231Marlins Ayudan teams have been volunteering at Miami Rescue Mission Center since 2012. On Wednesday, January 28th, 11 members of “The Voice” covered lunch duties in the center’s cafeteria.

242“The Voice,” led by EXVP of Operations and Events Claude Delorme, were happy and ready to assist. Duties included light food preparation, serving hot food and beverages to residents and employees of the center, and cleaning up. Over 150 meals were served! The residents were all smiles and repeatedly thanked the Blue Shirts for their time and help.

IMG_4690“The Voice” plans on revisiting the Miami Rescue Mission Center in February during Ayudan Week.

A Meaningful Mural

What a busy week for Marlins Ayudan! Last week, team “Just BeCAUSE” tackled a mural for the Miami River Commission (MRC). MRC is dedicated to improving the Miami River area, and with the help of Marlins Ayudan, they are well on their way!


Serge Toussaint was the artist behind the mural. He freehand painted black outlines of giant lobsters and crabs for this South Florida underwater themed mural. “Just BeCAUSE” filled in the outlines and backdrop with blues, yellows, reds and oranges. After the colors were applied, Serge had the team retouch the black outline and then added a white outline to really make the animals pop. The mural took three hours to complete. All supplies were provided by MRC.


Serge also gave “Just BeCAUSE” a little nugget of knowledge to take with them: Maine lobsters have claws and Florida lobsters don’t. That’s why the lobsters in the mural were clawless. Who knew?!?


Painting For A Purpose

Painting an entire cafeteria is just one of two Marlins Ayudan projects currently in the works for Citrus Grove Elementary. Thanks to members of Ayudan teams “Pulse” and “The Blue Angels,” there’s now one down, one to go!


Citrus Grove Elementary is a member of the Marlins Ayudan School Partnership Program, or MASPP. Only seven partner schools are selected every other school year. The program is designed to target specific needs of each school, whether it’s mentoring and tutoring, increasing parental involvement, or in Citrus Grove’s case, beautification projects.

This particular project took two days, totaling eight hours. Marlins Ayudan’s official service partner, Hands On Miami, provided all of the supplies including dozens of brushes and rollers, paint trays, rulers and painter’s tape, while Marlins Ayudan came in with 12 gallons of paint and of course man power!

Citrus Grove Elementary has been so appreciative of Marlins Ayudan that they’ve changed their mascot from a dolphin to a marlin! Even the cafeteria now sports Miami Marlins colors, blue and orange.

IMG_2652Stay tuned for Marlins Ayudan’s next project at Citrus Grove Elementary: a re-beautification of the school’s vegetable garden and welcoming entrance set to take place in early March.


Giving > Receiving

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting Global Community Engagement (GCE) at Florida International University committee member, Mariana Orcillez. GCE has been working with disadvantaged children in Santiago, Dominican Republic since 2000, providing clothes and educational programs to those who would otherwise not have that opportunity.


Mariana reached out to the Marlins in need of baseball equipment for the kids of Santiago aging from six to 17. When I learned about her philanthropic efforts, I thought to myself, “This is my first opportunity with the Marlins to do something great and serve those who truly need the help through baseball.” I couldn’t just meet expectations; I had to go the extra mile for these kids.


FullSizeRender2I got together 15 baseball bats for kids of all ages, a box full of Marcell Ozuna shirts, 30 pairs of pants and baseball socks. When Mariana saw what she was taking with her to the Dominican Republic, she leaped and shouted, “Thank you! Thank you! You don’t know how much this means to these kids!”

But what Mariana doesn’t know is how much this experience means to me.


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