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Compression for Life – Cycle 2

2014 Compression for Life - Cycle 2

2014 Compression for Life – Cycle 2

The Marlins Foundation was honored to assist Marlins Bullpen Catcher Jeff Urgelles in hosting the second cycle of Compression for Life. In 2013, the Marlins Foundation, in partnership with the American Heart Association of South Florida, developed the Compression for Life program. After Jeff helped to save the life of an Arizona Diamondbacks employee while on the road with the Marlins, the Marlins Foundation honored him with a gift to start his own program geared towards teaching the youth at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami Dade the importance of hearth health through diet and exercise.

The second cycle of Compression for Life took place at the Boys & Girls Club of Miami Dade – Kendall Campus. Each day of the three day program had a different focus; heart health through nutrition, CPR / AED (Automated External Defibrillators) training and celebrating heart health. On the first day, fitness instruction was provided by Marlins own Strength and Conditioning Coach Ty Hill. The kids worked up a serious sweat going over the 20 minute exercise routines very similar to the ones that Ty facilitates with the Marlins players. Back inside, Jen Llanos shared tidbits about healthy eating, sprinkled in with a Q&A period where participants received Marlins giveaways for giving the best snack choices to eat.

During the second day of the program Jeff was joined by 911 Educational Consultants to instruct the proper CPR techniques and teach the kids how to use safely use an AED.. The next workroom over, Cardiologist Dr. Sizemore joined the kids to share information about why it’s important to stay healthy, sharing large scale models of a heart while the kids enjoyed healthy snacks. At the end of the day’s lesson all 100 kids walked away with their own CPR kits, courtesy of Amerigroup Foundation, so that they may practice CPR skills at home with their families.

The last day of the program was Graduation Day where all of the kids received a certificate for completing Compression for Life. The highlight of the day was a huge celebration party where the kids were joined by Jeff’s special guests, Billy The Marlin, Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins pitcher Nathan Eovaldi and Marlins President David Samson. Everyone enjoyed an afternoon of games, bounce houses, healthy snacks and dancing as they celebrated the fact that they are now armed with the tools to be heart healthy.

Special thank you to program sponsors: American Heart Association of South Florida, 911 Educational Consultants, Sergio’s Printing

and Exults- South Florida.

Marlins President tours Miami Lighthouse for the Blind

Did you know? There are 67,000 individuals in Miami Dade County who are blind or visually impaired.

After last season’s inaugural touching tour at Marlins Park, our team President David Samson asked me to schedule him a visit to the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. Today was the day, and we had a lovely morning with Virginia, Carol, and Cameron at MLB (of course Virginia pointed out the MLB connection!) The resources and services they provide our community range from free eyeglasses for children, to life enrichment classes for seniors who recently lost their sight. It’s a wonderful complex filled with kind and caring individuals. The Marlins Foundation looks forward to continuing our partnership with our friends at MLB. Below are some pictures from the visit. Enjoy!

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One At Bat for Adam Greenberg

Our team just announced that we have signed Adam Greenberg to a one-day Major League contract. Greenberg will appear with the Marlins on October 2 vs. the Mets at Marlins Park, to record his first official Major League at-bat. Adam made his Major League debut on July 9, 2005 with the Cubs vs. the Marlins but was hit in the back of his head in his only Major League plate appearance. He is currently one of only two players ever to be hit by a pitch in his first-and-only Major League plate appearance and never take the field. 

Adam will donate his one-day salary to the Marlins Foundation! We will donate to the Sports Legacy Institute – an organization that advances the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups.

Here’s a shot of Marlins President David Samson and Adam from the Today Show (9/27/12).

“Life’s going to throw you curveballs or a fastball to the back of your head, you know? I got hit by one of them and it knocked me down. I could have stayed there. I had a choice. I could’ve said ‘Poor me. This is horrible.’ But I chose to get up and get back in the box. That’s kind of the message to everyone. No matter what is going on in their own personal life, get back up. Keep going. And if you do that, good things do happen. Sometimes it takes seven years. But you know? Anything is possible and this just shows what’s possible.’’ Adam Greenberg

Our Greatest Generation

The Stars and Stripes Newspaper – August 15, 1945
~ special thanks to David Skipp

On August 14, 1945, President Truman announced the end of World War II.  To commemorate this anniversary, the United States Congress declared that a National “Spirit of ’45 Day” be observed on the second Sunday in August. 

Earlier today at Marlins Park, we celebrated the Spirit of ’45 by paying tribute to all of the remarkable citizens who bravely served our country in that time of peril, by honoring the remembrance of our soldiers and loved ones who served, survived and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the second World War. 

During a special pregame ceremony, twelve WWII veterans were honored.  Each veteran received a unique commemorative gift from the Marlins – a container of sand from Iwo Jima…interestingly enough, two of the veterans honored actually were at Iwo Jima!

Spirit of ’45 celebration at Marlins Park – WWII Veterans were joined by Marlins President David Samson as well as front office staff who have served our country.

Undoubtedly, a day like today makes me think of my two grandfathers, both who served during WWII.  My Grandpa Nystrom served in the Air Force, while my Grandpa Smith served in the Army.  I never had the opportunity to know either of them, but I have heard many stories and certainly feel very proud of them to know that their service helped ensure the freedom I enjoy today. 

Dean and Virginia Nystom – Des Moines, Iowa, 1944

Paul Smith – Missouri, 1942

A huge thanks to all members of our greatest generation, and as always thank you to those who have served and continue to serve the United States of America!

Marlins@School Week

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All week long, Marlins players have been visiting classrooms throughout South Florida that won a visit through tthe Marlins@School contest.

During each visit, the students demonstrated to the players what they learned through the Marlins@School lessons.  Following the preseentations, the players answered all of the kids questions ranging from their favorite scary movie to how old they were when they started playing baseball.  A great time was had by all!


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