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The Power of Mentorship

Ever wonder what Marlins staff is up to when the team is on the road? Well, the Marlins Ayudan School Partnership Program keeps them all pretty busy.

Yesterday morning, Blue Shirts led a Marlins Ayudan Mentorship Program session for students in Ms. Jordan’s class at Citrus Grove Middle School. Students and Blue Shirts discussed topics based on Jackie Robinson’s Nine Values: Teamwork, Persistence, Integrity, Citizenship, Justice, Commitment, Excellence, Determination and Courage. This session dove into the value of Courage, primarily the courage it takes to know oneself, to get to know others in the peer group, and to be confident in who they are as people.


Meanwhile, Blue Shirts were leading a Career Workshop Series at Marlins Park. This session, titled the “Senior Seminar,” was the fourth of six sessions to take place this semester. First, students from Booker T. Washington, Miami Senior High School, and S.L.A.M. heard presentations given by Marlins employees from our sales, information technology and human resources departments.

The second half of the session was a resume workshop. Students brought  their resumes to be critiqued by Blue Shirts. They were given examples of good and bad resumes and a helpful list of buzzwords to spruce up their own. Students who had the best resume from each table presented it in front of the group and shared what they had learned.



Later that afternoon, Blue Shirts led weekly literacy tutoring sessions and read to students at both Lenora B. Smith Elementary and Citrus Grove Elementary Schools.


In all, Blue Shirts were represented at five of seven MASPP schools. For many, yesterday was just another typical Thursday — but for the Blue Shirts, it was an exciting and impactful day that touched many students lives.

Putting our Mission into Action

What drives you on a daily basis? What motivates you to get out of bed and do the things you do? For some of you it may be your religious beliefs – a concept you believe in so strongly you are drawn to conviction. For others it may be a career goal that you set for your future. It may be something as simple as a New Year’s Resolution that drives you to improve. Whatever it may be, we all have something compelling us to act. For organizations such as the Marlins, that’s our Mission.

 The Marlins Foundation is committed to improving the lives of our youth through education, the arts and baseball, with a special focus on children with special needs.

Oftentimes mission statements serve as a nice page filler and don’t go very far beyond that. An organization may be founded with certain ideas and dreams about what it should ideally look like, and then once it begins operating it simply operates to survive, carrying out basic functions and not to reach ideal or dream state.

In 2010 Marlins Ayudan was formed to help the Marlins Foundation to reach its ideal state. Marlins Ayudan front-office volunteers serve as drivers, as motivation, and as tools to reach our ideal state. This pushing forward, always toward the ultimate goal, occurs on a daily basis. Last week in particular however, I was moved by how during a normal, December week, just days before people leave for the holidays, Marlins Ayudan stepped up and drove harder than ever toward our goal…


Marlins RBI visits MLB Winter Meetings Baseball Showcase

Devin Hadley, Yoandry Perez, Niko Saltare, and Cleveland Westbrook of Marlins RBI displayed their talents in this inaugural showcase in front of MLB and NCAA Div I and II scouts.

Career Workshop Series visits University of Miami

Juniors from Marlins Ayudan Partner School Miami High and S.L.A.M. toured University of Miami and learned about how they can become involved in community service as college students.


Career Workshop Series at Marlins Park covering Finance and Marketing

Mitch Less, Partner at global auditing firm Grant Thornton, speaks with students from Miami High, TERRA, and S.L.A.M. at the Accounting and Marketing workshop at Marlins Park.


The Transitional Learning Academy of United Cerebral Palsy of Miami visit Marlins Park

Young students with Cerebral Palsy pose with Marlins Ayudan inside the Marlins clubhouse.


Miami High Special Needs Students take Bluefoot Pirate Tour

Special Needs students from Miami High are rewarded for their hard work with a day on the high seas.

Last week solidified to me that Marlins Ayudan is a meaningful driver to help the Marlins Foundation reach its ideal state… improving the lives of our youth through education, the arts and baseball, with a special focus on children with special needs.

Share with us! How do you put your mission into action? What drives you to reach your ideal state?

Back to School with the Marlins Wives!

Hey Followers! After reading about all of the fun, interesting, and unique ways in which the Marlins get to give back to the community, do you feel compelled to do the same? Well here’s your chance!

The Marlins Wives are hosting a Back to School Drive! Come join them in preparing South Florida’s less fortunate children with the necessary supplies to head back to school.

Wives Back to School Drive

When: Sunday, August 18th before the 1:10pm game
Where: Marlins Park
Why: To help kids, and to get FREE MARLINS TICKETS!
What: Bring in school supplies such as paper, pencils, folders, notebooks, backpacks, calculators, rulers, crayons, and even clothing such as socks and under garments.

Hear Logan Morrison’s Fiance talk all about the Back to School Drive!

A Day with The Special Olympics of Miami-Dade County

On November 5th, my Ayudan Team, Pulse spent the day with Olympians at Gulliver High school. These inspiring athletes of The Special Olympics of Miami-Dade County where training for the states competition in Softball.


Our Ayudan team members hit the field aiding the students in practicing catching, pitching, fielding, and hitting.  Working with these athletes was an incredible and heartwarming experience. Their determination, skill and love for sports couldn’t be matched. Many of the Athletes were better at the game than our own front office staff!


The Marlins proudly support the Special Olympics. “The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities*, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.”


For more information please visit:

Special Olympics Miami Dade County

Special Olympics Florida- Broward County

Marlins RBI Road to the Big Leagues

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Earlier this month, the Baltimore Orioles made a free agent signing that probably won’t be front page news, but it certainly is headline worthy for us at Beyond the Ballpark.

George Barber was a participant in the Marlins Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program from 2005-2008 while attending Miami Central High School. While he was a standout football and baseball player, baseball was where his true passion lied. After graduating from high school in 2007, he took advantage of his last year of eligibility in RBI and played that summer. Barber had a tremendous season and would go on to lead the Marlins RBI Senior All Star team to the RBI World Series in Anaheim, and though the Marlins would not celebrate a championship that year, it did serve as a sign of things to come for George who made a lasting impression with his play in the tournament.

In the summer of 2010, Barber had finished his second year of JUCO baseball at Broward College where he walked on as an outfielder. With the MLB draft fast approaching, George remained active in the Marlins RBI program, serving as an assistant coach in the newly founded Jr. RBI division that serves kids 12 & under.

George’s desire to give back and help young ballplayers the way he himself had been helped was overwhelming. He participated in the Jr. RBI Classic in Anaheim as the first base coach for the Marlins team and ended up becoming so much more than that to those kids. The way they gravitated towards him and looked up to him was inspirational.

George was a soon-to-be professional baseball player and he was the type of person that they wanted to be. He was spent every second with them on the field, in the cafeteria, and in the dorms. For the kids, it was an experience that they would never forget. George would not only end up being drafted by the Anaheim Angels in the 43rd round, but also offered a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Auburn. Having excelled in the classroom, he put himself in a position where he could insist that the Angels agree to pay for school. Once they did that, he was ready to report to Rookie League in Tempe, Arizona.

This story is not without disappointment or adversity however. Just one year later the Angels would release Barber from his contract. It is at this point when you find out the type of player and, more importantly, the type of person that George Barber is. Barber returned to Miami where he attended Florida International University and studied nursing, while continuing to work out and attend open tryouts with big league clubs and independent league teams. Needing only to complete his clinicals in order to earn his nursing degree, he received a call from the Orioles. He was being offered a second chance.

Earlier this month, George Barber signed with the club and has been invited to Spring Training where he will look to achieve his boyhood dream of playing in the Major Leagues. His work ethic and desire have put him in a position to reach his goals, but whether he gets called up to the Bigs or not, he has proven to be a big leaguer in my book and someone that all our RBI participants will look up to.

(see video at 29:50 mark)
Hitting Home with RBI