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Miami Elementary Schools Get the Visit of a Lifetime from the Marlins: Part 2

For day three of Marlins Think Tank visits, Adrian Mora, manager of Marlins Ayudan, and I visited Citrus Grove Elementary with Bryan and Chelsey Morris. I can’t even begin to explain what a great experience I had! I was completely blown away by the school’s creativity and hospitality. As soon as we entered the computer lab where the classes were waiting, the students began singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and even had actual peanuts and Crackerjacks in their hands. It was obvious that Ms. Ruiz and Ms. Coates’ classes put a lot of effort and thought into the skits they performed for the student presentation portion of the visit. They were informative and humorous.

The first skit was based off of a Marlins Think Tank social studies lesson: primary and secondary sources. The students reenacted a baseball game. Ms. Coates would ask a question related to the lesson, the batter answered, and the pitcher pitched until each student had a chance to bat and run the bases.

Ms. Ruiz’s class performed a similar skit. Equipped with sound effects and props, the students reenacted a baseball experience. A student announcer opened the game, introducing each team while baseball organ music played in the background. There were team huddles, and the game began. The lesson being demonstrated was science- muscle groups. As the game went on, the announcer explained the plays and which muscles were being used, “Skeletal muscles were used by the batter to hit the ball and run. Skeletal muscles can be controlled and are attached to our bones.”

My cheeks hurt from how much I smiled and laughed during both presentations! The students and teachers thanked the Marlins again and again, but we were just as thankful for such a great experience. I felt proud of all of the students for their hard work, and boy does hard work pay off! It might just earn you a visit from a Miami Marlins player!


To access lessons and to view official rules for Marlins Think Tank, visit

Marlins Fan Donates The Gift That Will Keep On Giving

The following is a Guest Blog Post from Amber Schaeffer, Loyalty Program Intern for the Marlins.

Long-time Marlins fan, Rainer Perez, knows the value of a thoughtful gift. Rainer has been coming to Marlins games alongside his family and grandfather, Eduardo Fuentes, for as long as he can remember.

Eduardo Fuentes was a die-hard Fish fan. His love for baseball went all the way back to when he played baseball in Cuba with Marlins Spanish Broadcaster, Felo Ramirez.


Going to Marlins games became a little more difficult as Fuentes got older and needed a wheelchair to get around. As with most baseball stadiums, guests are offered wheelchair access to get to and from their seats, but the wheelchairs must be returned before leaving the stadium. This can create a challenge to get to and from parking lots. Even so, Fuentes still came to games like the awesome fan that he was.


Noticing the issue at hand, Rainier decided to give his grandfather the ultimate gift. He got a wheelchair for his grandfather and tricked it out – Marlins style. Customization and painting are in Rainier’s wheelhouse, so he saw this as an opportunity to show off his creativity and allow his grandfather to express his Marlins pride.


After the recent loss of his grandfather, Rainer decided he would love to donate the wheelchair to the team that gave him and his grandfather so many great memories. What was his wish for use of the wheelchair? He wanted the Marlins to use it to escort guests to their seats so that the memory of his grandfather lives on. Talk about an awesome fan!


Introducing The 2015 Marlins Charity Partners

The following is a Guest Blog Post from Renee Foster, Intern for the Marlins Foundation:

On April 10th, 2015, the Marlins Foundation introduced the 2015 Marlins Charity Partners. The four organizations selected were each awarded a $25,000 gift and were honored during a pregame ceremony.


The Charity Partner Empowerment Fund allows the Marlins Foundation to invest in innovative organizations that are impacting the South Florida community in a very positive way. In addition to a $25,000 donation from the Marlins Foundation, our charity partners are entitled to other benefits such as:

  • Select Charity Partner Days at Marlins Park that includes media coverage and in-game promotional/fundraising opportunities.
  • A partnership with Marlins Ayudan (Spanish for “help”), our Front Office community service program that responds to a variety of community needs and is now widely known as a corporate leader in volunteerism.
  • Complimentary Ballpark Buddies tickets for local, underprivileged youth groups
  • Access to Billy The Marlin, the Marlins Energy Team and more!

There are four words that describe this year’s beneficiaries of the Marlins
Foundation Charity Partner Empowerment Fund: Big, Special, InclUsive, and Artistic.

The Miami Marlins and the Marlins Foundation are proud to continue their partnership with Young At Art Museum and Special Olympics Florida – Miami-Dade for the second year in row. This year, they are joined by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami and Up2Us Sports.  These non-profit organizations will support the Marlins civic engagement efforts and Corporate Social Responsibility projects in order to make a deep and focused impact on our South Florida youth through education, the arts, and baseball with a special focus on children with special-needs.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami’s mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one mentor relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. BBBS will be launching a pilot Sports Buddies Program, serving middle and high school students in need of a positive role model. On April 24th, the Miami Marlins will honor the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami partnership by hosting their exclusive Charity Partner Day at Marlins Park. It will also be Mardi Gras Night at the ballpark which will add a vibrant flair to a special night for BBBS.

b2b2Special Olympics Florida – Miami-Dade has a mission to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for persons eight years of age and older with Intellectual Disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, talents and friendship with their families, other athletes and the community. For the second consecutive year, the Marlins will serve as the official sponsor of Special Olympics Softball in Miami. The partnership will provide a higher threshold of opportunity for training, competition, personal growth and community engagement for the athletes in the program. The Miami Marlins will celebrate the Special Olympics Charity Partner Day on May 1st, and what better theme than Superheroes Night to complement such a joyous occasion?

b2b3Young At Art Museum is passionate about providing inspiring and interactive experiences in which art is central to shaping young minds and enriching our community. YAA will develop an Artist Residency Program for students and teachers at Marlins Ayudan Partner Schools. The Artist Residency Program will integrate art and literacy through the student’s excitement for baseball. Young At Art’s Charity Partner Day will be hosted at Marlins Park on June 26th while the ballpark will be themed for Nickelodeon Night.

b2b4Up2Us Sports is a national nonprofit organization that is focused on the power of coaches to transform the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable youth, and the communities they live in, through sports. The Marlins will partner with Up2Us Sports to conduct a training program for coaches who will receive a Certification in Sports Based Youth Development (SBYD).  SBYD coaches understand the importance of leveraging the sports setting to achieve positive outcomes around physical, mental, social and emotional skills. The Marlins will salute the organization’s initiatives and accomplishments on July 31st during their Charity Partner Day. It will also be Wrestling Night at the ballpark on that date.

b2b5“Marlins Charity Partners are a signature example of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and reflect our values-driven mission of philanthropy and service,” said Marlins President David Samson. “These impactful organizations do great work in the community, and we are honored to support their efforts in South Florida.” The Charity Partner Empowerment Fund is a signature program of the Marlins Foundation and it has helped the Marlins elevate their corporate social responsibility initiatives to new heights and supported the Marlins Foundation continued mission of philanthropy and service. This year’s partners are sure to help the Marlins reach even further BEYOND THE BALLPARK!




RBI Baseball: A Hit For All Involved

After a look back at Ayudan Week and all it had to offer, all I can say is, WHAT A WEEK!

The past ten days or so have been extremely eventful for the Miami Marlins and the South Florida community — from the Coconut Grove Arts Festival on Sunday, to the action-packed Winter Warm-Up on Saturday, and everything in the middle.


There was one event above all, though, that really stood out to me. This event really impacted me and truly opened my eyes to how amazing and engaged this organization is to its surrounding communities.

The 2nd Annual Ayudan Baseball Classic was as good as advertised. There was a little bit of everything; we had an honorary bench coach in Dee Gordon, Marlins World Series Head Coach Jack McKeon in attendance, web gems galore and even a home run.


The reason this special event resonated with me is because I, myself, am a product of the greater Miami area and grew up playing little league baseball. Watching those kids out there play in such a beautiful ballpark is something I, as a kid, could only dream of doing.

The Marlins organization has given these kids a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and sitting there in the stands gave me an awesome perspective as to what the Marlins are about. Watching Carlos Reyes hit a 360-foot home run that disappeared into the visitors’ dugout, and fist pumping with Miami Marlins team President David Samson and President of Baseball Operations Mike Hill, was surreal. Dee Gordon was calling for players to chest bump with him.


To sum things up, I think everyone enjoyed themselves this past week. I just feel like my experience really touched me because it hit home.

Hats off to the players of the RBI Baseball Classic for an amazing game. That experience will be something you can tell your grandchildren about someday.

Seeing With Sound At Marlins Park

Imagine playing a game of baseball: the smell of a freshly manicured field, the solid clay ground beneath you, the slender handle of a lightweight bat, the buzzing of the crowd.

Now imagine playing baseball without sight.

Impossible, some might say, but those people have never witnessed beep ball.

Beep ball is baseball for the visually impaired. Here’s how it works: There are six innings in a game, three outs per inning, four strikes and one pass ball per batter. The only sighted members of the game are the pitcher and catcher. The bases (2) are four foot padded cylinders with speakers that give off a loud, continuous buzzing sound when activated. There is no second base, only a first and third base. The ball also has a speaker that gives off a continuous beeping sound, hence the name “Beep Ball.” The batter listens for the beeping ball and swings. One of the two bases will be activated. Players must depend on their keen sense of hearing when deciding which base to run to.


The Miami Marlins held their third annual beep ball game at Marlins Park this past Monday during Marlins Ayudan Week, a week in which the Marlins front office staff and players commit to community involvement. 20 students from S.L.A.M. Academy and 20 members from Miami Lighthouse for the Blind, whose ages ranged from seven to 21, joined together to form four teams: the Beep Ball Badgers, the Fire Kings, the Super Sluggers and the Nine Colts. All players were required to wear blindfolds.


Two separate games were held simultaneously, one on the main field and one in left field. The games were an hour long, including a five minute intermission for a field change, allowing all players the opportunity to play on the main diamond at Marlins Park. Marlins Ayudan team C’Mon Blue, captained by Marlins president Mr. David Samson, participated as base activators, score keepers, catchers and motivators. C’Mon Blue also had help from a few professional baseball players including Mike Dunn, Jarred Cosart, Aaron Crow, and Mat Latos.RLV_9507

The Nine Colts beat the Super Sluggers by just one point (10 – 9) and the Fire Kings scored two more runs than the Beep Ball Badgers (5 – 3). It was a great experience for everyone. It was competitive in the most lighthearted way. “I did it! I can’t believe I did it! I hit the ball and scored,” an elated 7-year-old named Kayden shouted.


This kind of excitement and happiness is what Marlins Ayudan lives for!