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In the Spirit of the 4th of July: A Sincere Thank You to the Men and Women Who Serve our Country

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays (the other being Thanksgiving).  I am proud to be an American, and I am eternally grateful to all those who serve our country. Our troops and their families give so much, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice, to ensure our freedom.  I’ve often wondered what is the best way to show my appreciation. 

The Fish are on the road in Pittsburgh on the 4th, so July 1st was Military Appreciation Day at Marlins Park.  Prior to the game, Marlins personnel Giancarlo Stanton, Heath Bell, Mike Dunn, Steve Cishek and Ozzie Guillen spent time signing baseballs and posing for photos with wounded warriors from the Miami VA and the Wounded Warrior Project.  One of the warriors, Roberto Cruz, threw out the ceremonial first pitch and then enjoyed the game with all of the other warriors in a suite compliments of the Miami Dade Police Department and POAT.  We have partnered with the VA and WWP on this event for the warriors for many years, and it is always a great expereice for all those involved. 

This year, being the inaugural year at Marlins Park, we wanted to add a new fan element to our Military Appreciation Day.  So, we thought we would bring everyone together in one huge thank you…a salute FROM our fans TO our troops!  In partnership with our friend Greg Zinone, Founder of Pro vs. GI Joe, we were able to link live with the USO Center in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  The troops were shown live on MarlinsVision, and all of the Marlins fans (and yes…Phillies fans, too) stood up, cheered and threw out a salute to the troops.  The energy in the ballpark was amazing…gave me goose bumps!

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Our players and front office staff also signed a banner that will be sent to the same USO Center in Kandahar as a permanent symbol of our unwavering support to all of the men and women in uniform.  Prior to the game on Saturday, the banner was on display and fans were encouraged to join in and show their support by signing a card.  Many fans had family or friends currently deployed, some had sons and daughters that had just returned home, and others were Viet Nam Veterans.  Many parents took the time to explain to their children the importance of what they were doing as they helped them write a note to our soldiers.  It was a heartwarming experience to say the least.  All of the cards will be sent to the USO Center in Kandahar along with the banner. 

As I watch the fireworks on Wednesday night and reflect on how grateful I am to live in the greatest country in the world, I will also ponder the next way to show my gratitude to those that protect and fight for me.

It’s Father’s Day!!

Today is Father’s Day, and around MLB that means the light blue of prostate cancer awareness is everywhere; players, coaches, managers and umpires will all be donning wrist bands, tattoos, and eye-black to increase awareness for the importance of early detection.  Additionally, the “Keep Dad in the Game Home Run Challenge” will ensure that all home runs hit today will raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Also, all around the league today, Dad’s will be enjoying the game with their children, passing along their baseball knowledge and undoubtedly stories of their youth.  I love our game…it transcends generations and truly is a part of the fabric of America.

Baseball was a huge part of our family when I was a child…I spent countless hours as a little girl at the ball field, watching my older brothers’ games and waiting for the time when I would be old enough to join a team and start playing.  I also cherish memories of our family going to Major League games, and staring in awe at how gigantic  and beautiful the field was!  We went to games in Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and my favorite, St. Louis. I still remember how excited I would get when Ozzie Smith would take the field and do a backflip!

This is my first baseball memory…I was about 3 years old, my brother had just received his new uniform and before he had a chance to try it on, I beat him to it! I was ready to play, Woody Woodpecker slippers and all!🙂

And even when we couldn’t go to games, I have wonderful memories of listening to the Cardinals on the radio with my dad…painting the picture of the game in my mind as we listened to Jack Buck call the game.  So where am I going with this…baseball is the ultimate backdrop for building memories.   So on this Father’s Day, my hope is that we all cherish our memories and remember that every moment is the opportunity to create new ones!

Happy Fathers Day to all of the dad’s out there!  And to my Dad, you are the best pops any girl could dream to have!  Thank you for teaching me to follow my passion and instilling in me the importance of compassion, the value of hard work, and the belief that anything is possible!  I love you!

Making Memories

Upon introducing the new internship class of 2012, our President David Samson said, “This  internship is not strictly about baseball. This is a business…the business of making memories.” That one statement, not only left a valuable impression on how I perceive my everyday job but my viewpoint on all major league sports. In the entertainment industry, making memories is at the very core of every task carried out. It is the foundation of the Miami Marlins and now my very own mantra. Below is a picture of  All Star Player Andre Dawson with the future baseball players of America who were celebrating a tenth birthday they’ll never forget. This is one of my favorite pictures and captures the essence of  “memory making.”