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Publicly disclosing a secret…

Would you ever do something crazy to raise money for charity? Like run a marathon? How about running two marathons straight? That’s what Marlins President David Samson is doing next Friday to raise money for 10 featured charities and to honor the workers who helped build Marlins Park.

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Day 9 of the countdown, and David’s run is TOMORROW MORNING! Today’s featured cause is The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Unique among other Parkinson’s organizations, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has a singular focus- their mission is to improve the quality of care through research, education and outreach.

David will run miles 40-45 of the 52.5 mile run in honor of this charity and will be joined for this stretch by Bret Parker, who serves as Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Elizabeth Arden, Inc. A veteran of four New York City Marathons all run with Samson, Parker was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease five years ago and has been Samson’s closest friend for over 30 years. Parker publicly disclosed his condition as part of his participation in this run. Read Bret’s touching letter here.

It is in the very same spirit of proving the unlikely can be done, that David running a double marathon. Show your support for those who believe obstacles can be overcome given commitment!

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Running 52.5 miles is not impossible, but something most aren’t willing to do. David is running to show that with commitment, challenges can be overcome. Click here to donate to today’s featured cause, or to any of the causes listed, to show you support David in his “crazy” venture!

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Two weeks away!

We are just two weeks away from the “Run to Honor the Workers” where our President, David Samson, will run 50 miles in honor of the workers who helped build Marlins Park. That is a double-marathon!

He will raise funds for several charities: the ALS Recovery Fund, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Liga Contra el Cancer, The Miami Foundation’s Engaged Youth Program, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Boys & Girls Club of America, Jewish Federation of Broward County, Miami Children’s Hospital, University of Miami Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence and Stand Up To Cancer.

More info is detailed on the page below. Donate to one of the causes below at this page: